3 Ways To Know That Your Front Door Is Keeping Your Home Safe

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Your front door is the place to start when evaluating the effectiveness of your home security. You wouldn't go out of town leaving the front door to your house open. You also want to make sure that the closed and locked front door doesn't give easy access to a burglar breaking in. Here is how to make sure that your front door keeps your home safe whether you're home or not.

1. Get the Best Lock for the Door

Have a locksmith show you a variety of hardened steel deadbolts. These cannot be sawed through or cut. Deadbolts are graded by quality and the ANSI Grade 1 is the toughest lock on the market.

The traditional deadbolt slides horizontally through a strike plate into the door frame. An alternative style is the vertical deadbolt. This lock installs on the interior surface of the door with a bracket that installs onto the wall of the door frame. When the door closes, slots in the lock mesh with the bracket and a deadbolt is pushed up vertically through the bracket and into the lock. The advantage of this lock is that the deadbolt cannot be accessed no matter how far someone wedges the door open.

2. Install a Reinforced Strike Plate with a Strike Box

The strike plate is a thin piece of metal that is attached to the door frame. The deadbolt slips through a metal opening in the strike plate and into the door frame. This keeps the door tightly closed, but a burglar can force the door open with a crowbar slipped under the plate.

Have one of the local locksmith services install a reinforced strike plate along with the deadbolt. These plates are thicker with longer screws that bite deeper into the wood frame. Instead of the deadbolt going through the strike plate into the wood door frame, it slides into a metal box, the strike box, attached to the plate. This prevents a burglar from getting a tool under the plate to force the door open or the deadbolt through the soft wood frame.

3. Reinforce the Door

Kits are available that contain metal strips that you attach to the door frame and the edge of the door. These prevent the door and frame from splitting should someone attempt to kick them to get into your house. Some kits include metal plates to put on the door surface to protect it from being kicked in. For more information, contact a locksmith like A&R Locksmith LLC.


20 April 2015

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