How Renting Tools Can Help Assist You On Your Next Weekend Warrior Project

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If you're getting ready to tackle a small or large project on your own, the one thing you need to have is the right tools! The problem is that tools can be very expensive and there is a good possibility that you may use them only once. One option is to rent specialized tools and related equipment. This allows you to get the job done and then return the items once the project is finished. Here are some advantages to tool rentals as opposed to buying them outright.

Eliminates the expense of hiring a contractor.

There are some projects that the average homeowner may not be able to complete on their own. This may include building an inground swimming pool, erecting a deck or laying a paver brick drive. If you have construction-related experience you may be able to complete some projects on your own without the assistance of hiring a licensed building contractor. With the right tools you can complete many DIY projects on your own, including:

  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • Building a small basic deck or porch
  • Landscaping a backyard area
  • Installing a privacy fence

Renting excavating machines, cutting tools, resurfacing tools and concrete pouring machines can assist with getting the job done faster on your own.

Avoid having to purchase the tools outright.

An advantage to renting tools means not having to purchase them. Some specialized tools including benchtop saws, reciprocating saws and floor sanders can be very expensive. Renting them saves you money. For some tools, you can also rent the drill bits, batteries, blades and other accessories as well. This eliminates having to buy something and only using it once.  

No need to store large, bulky items.

Some tools are large and cumbersome, and they also take up a lot of space. For example, if you're redoing your basement but have to dry it first, you may choose to rent restoration tools such as large blowers or dryers. Renting these tools and machines eliminates storing them in your basement or garage, especially since you'll likely only use them once. Handheld drain cleaners, aluminum brakes, plate compactors, and line lasers are examples of hard to store tools and equipment because of their odd shapes and accessories. When you rent these items, you can use them for one day or for one week, and then easily return them back to the rental company.

Moving and transporting tools and equipment is not required.

If you're doing a multi-faceted project, many tool rental companies will deliver everything at once. Small hand-held tools, as well as large pieces of equipment, can be dropped off at your home or worksite and then picked up when the job is complete. Some rental companies will even supply the extension cords and generators needed for you to power the tools properly. This eliminates having to pick items up and haul them back to the jobsite.

Renting tools saves time and money. Consider if renting is a better option for you as opposed to buying tools and equipment for your next home improvement project.


30 December 2014

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