Unique Storage Ideas For Your Home Or Office

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Every homeowner faces storage problems at some time or another. Maybe you have a new baby and have found nowhere in your home to put all the things that used to be in the new nursery. Maybe some of your family members have moved in with you and now you have no room to store their personal items. The good news is you can neatly store all the stuff at your home by utilizing the space you might be wasting without realizing it.

Clothes And Dishes Can Be Necessary Evils

Nothing can dirty up a home like clothing lying around or dishes stacked up all over the counter, even when they are clean. Finding storage areas for clothing and dishes can be challenging in a small house or apartment, but looking no further than the corners in every room can help. Built in corner shelves can be the perfect way to stack up dishes you cannot fit into your hutch or cabinets. Corner shelving makes an excellent place to neatly stack folded sweaters and blue jeans as well.

The Toys Your Kids Will Not Part With

Most parents have had those moments when they wonder where all the toys came from and where are they going to put them all. If you have a lot of toys your children love and cannot bear tossing out or giving to the local thrift shop, storing them neatly is the only option you have left. Cubby shelves from a place like Storage Zone are perfect for toys like colorful blocks and can add a cool decorative touch to a kid's room. Under the bed drawers are also great places to put those tiny toys you get tired of picking up every day. A decorative bed sheet, maybe one that has your child's favorite cartoon character on it, is easily attached to the ceiling and walls in a corner for storing several stuffed animals in.

Staircases Are Usually Surrounded By Usable Storage Space

The space underneath a staircase can be used in several, unique ways to store items like decorative accessories and books. The space under a staircase is also a great area for building in drawers for storing items like out of season clothing or holiday decorations. The area under your stairs can be used in a variety of ways for storage, depending on how high your stairs go and how wide the area is as well. Use your imagination when considering how you could get the most storage space from the areas around your staircase.


2 January 2015

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