Under Wraps: What To Consider Before Using Vehicle Wraps To Advertise

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One of the better ways to advertise your company is through the use of vehicle wraps. Perception Research studied the advertising avenue and found that "Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard." What's more is that 97% of people who saw the advertising were able to recall it later.

Want in? Of course you do! Here's how.

Getting Started

Before you begin asking businesses to wrap every vehicle you have in decals to promote your business, you need to consider different aspects of your business and vehicle usage. Here are four things to consider before having vehicle wraps plastered on the side of your vehicles.

  • Driving Exposure – How many miles do you drive per day? If you have one company vehicle and only use it to drive from your house to work and back, you won't gain a lot of exposure. The more you drive, the larger you want your vehicle wrap to be, and vice versa.
  • Target Audience – Wraps are a valuable resource for auto insurance companies because all drivers need auto insurance (unless they live in New Hampshire.) Additionally, that advertising leaves an instant impression on other drivers because it immediately applies to them. Who is your target audience and will they see your wrap?
  • Vehicle Size – SUVs are large, noticeable vehicles, even when they're not painted in bright colors. Compact cars and sedans don't grab as much attention. Because of that, use brighter colors on smaller vehicles to grab attention, although, this can be hard to do if your company has an official logo with a color scheme already chosen.
  • Insurance Costs – Here's some news — making your car more noticeable increases your auto insurance premiums. Not only potential customers see your vehicle, but also criminals. If you can afford the extra costs and risk, go ahead and wrap your vehicle.

Additional Considerations

Assuming you've debated all four factors and concluded that a vehicle wrap is for you, you need to plan your actual designs and the spaces on the car you want it to occupy. Take measurements of your windows and paneling before you place an order. Additionally, you need to consider the different types of audiences, such as passing traffic, following traffic, and pedestrians. Usually, the sides of the vehicles will get the most attention (think about the banners on large buses.) However, don't neglect the back window where any traffic behind you will have plenty of time to read during red lights and traffic jams.

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8 January 2015

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