3 Benefits To An HOA Community

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Living in a community that has Homeowner's Association management may just be the best benefit you can have to owning your home. Having so many rules and guidelines to adhere to may sound limiting, but there are actually many benefits to living in a community that has HOA management. Learn 3 benefits to living in an HOA community, so you can feel confident in the management that helps your home be a great place to live.

An HOA community encourages a better-appraised home

When all the homes in an HOA are encouraged to abide by certain rules, the result is a cleaner, more attractive place to live. Having regulations about the type of fencing you can have, the responsibilities you must adhere to to keep your yard free of clutter, and even the odd rules about how you have to park your vehicles are actually a benefit to you in the way your home appraises. Since your home gains much of its value based upon the condition of the homes around you, your own property value can be kept at a higher rate when you live in a community with an HOA versus one that doesn't have the same rules.

It's easier to report issues with neighbors

Your neighbors have the same rules and regulations that you do, so if you notice garbage stacked against your neighbor's home, broken down cars and other debris littering their driveway, or see their home in poor repair, you can easily report these issues to HOA management. In a traditional community, you'd have to either deal with slovenly neighbors on your own or you'd have to call the local authorities, both of which would likely cause contention between you and the homes around you. With an HOA, you receive the same obligations as everyone else, meaning you and all your neighbors have a greater incentive to keep your property clean, or face consequences in not doing so.

Homeowners living in an HOA community take pride in their property

When you have clear guidelines about how you must keep your home in great repair, you take more pride in the way your home looks. You and your fellow community take care of your properties according to the rules, which gives you a sense of satisfaction in having a beautiful place to live. Any changes you feel should be made to your guidelines can be brought up in an HOA management meeting, which allows you to have more control over where you live as well. When you want your community to look and feel as clean and safe as possible, an HOA is a great way to accomplish this goal and truly take pride in where you live.

When you live in an HOA community, you can feel confident that you and your neighbors can have a great and attractive place to live. In realizing the many benefits available to you when you have HOA management helping you enjoy your property as much as possible, you can feel grateful having this benefit in your own community.


9 January 2015

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