Removing A Bat Problem From Your Business

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If someone within your company has noticed a bat or two flying around in your building during night-time hours, you will want to work quick at having them removed. Bats can carry disease and it will be unsafe for your employees to work with the risk in your establishment.

Here are a few ideas to help you remove your bat problem quickly and effectively.

Call In A Pest Control Service

Your best bet would be to have a professional handle a bat problem. Bats are a protected species since they are an endangered animal, so killing them is not an option unless you want to have a steep fine. A professional pest control service that deals with bat infestations would be able to divert bats from entering your establishment and they will show you some ways to keep them out.

Giving Bats An Alternative

If you place a bat house outside of your building, you may be able to attract bats in the area to roost in the house instead of coming inside your building. This would be a great way to keep bats out once a professional has confirmed the bats have left your building. 

Sealing All Entryways

To remove a bat problem, you will first need to know how they are getting inside. Observe the building in the dusk hours to see if any bats are flying nearby. You may be able to see them fly into the building through a hole or crack. Bats can fit themselves into small openings. Usually there will be more than one way to get inside the building. Seal secondary entryways.

When you find the primary point of entry, wait until you believe the bats are outside, such as during night-time hours, to seal the hole using a one-way entry net. This way bats that are still inside will be able to get out and ones that have left will not be able to come back inside the building. Leave this in place for several nights.

When there seem to be no more sign of bats in the building, seal the hole permanently using polyurethane sealant. Doing this job at night can be beneficial because should there be any bats that were left behind, they will be minimal. Another good reason is because you will be able to see any holes in your building easier at night-time by using a flood light or head-lamp than you would during daytime hours.

To learn more, contact a company like State Pest Control Inc. with any questions you have.


12 January 2015

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