How To Design Effective Signage For Your Retail Business


If you're the owner of a retail business, you have many different responsibilities and roles. You have to hire employees, manage your inventory and provide customer service. One of the most important roles that you have is to bring new business into the store. While the internet has helped small businesses let their presence be known to the world at large, one of the best ways to grow your business is to attract walk-by and drive-by business into your store.

How do you do this? With banners and signs. These useful tools can draw attention to your retail store, attention that can be converted into customers and sales.

Creating an Effective Signage Campaign

Even as recent as a few decades ago, simply having a single sign with your store's name on it was sufficient to draw people into your store. That's no longer the case, unless your brand is immediately recognizable. Even then, you can still benefit from appropriate signage. Here's how you can create a stellar and effective signage campaign.

  • Decide on a Consistent Message. All of your new signs should not be the same. However, they should all convey the same general message. Before you start ordering banner stands, banners and other signs, you need to know what they'll be saying. Think about what makes your business unique. Do you offer a certain product or line of products that nobody else does? Is your service quality well beyond that of your competitors? Hone in on your special offering and that will set the pace for your banner campaign.  
  • Contract Professional Skills. For your signs to be effective, they need to have compelling copy and an intriguing design. Unless this happens to be the specialty of your business, you should considering hiring professionals to create the signs for you. Have a copywriter take your consistent message and turn it into a few words that will catch the eye of those driving or walking past your business. Then, hire a graphic designer to use that copy to create the final product using the right colors and meaningful images.  
  • Order the Material from Trusted Sources. You have your message, copy and design. Now you need to order the actual signs, banners and related materials. Make sure that you order all of these materials from a reputable source such as Divine Signs Inc. If possible, order all of it from the same provider as well. Typically, the people who sell banner stands will also take custom orders for banners.

Your Signage Campaign Will Be Effective

Now that you have all of the material and signs, set them outside and watch the customers flow in. You'll be making a big splash in your local arena by drawing more attention to your business. 


14 January 2015

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