4 Marketing Ideas That Willl Fit Your Small Business Budget

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It's time you were let in on a little secret. It is possible to successfully market your small business without spending a fortune. Paying exorbitant fees for an advertising campaign isn't the only way to get your brand noticed. It's not about who can afford big name agencies, but who can market the smartest. These four marketing ideas have proven to be effective for any small business.

Social Media

Two words: free marketing. The most successful small companies utilize free social media platforms. Social media provides a two-way communication method in which you can have a conversation with your consumers. The customer wants to feel important, and the social media platform embraces feedback. Social media outlets are plentiful, but the key for small business success is to select the channel that makes most sense for your business.

Promotional Items

You want your company name to be remembered. When Joe Smith is sitting in his cubical filling out paperwork with his new pen, you want him to instantly remember the amazing new company that handed out promotional items last week. The key to promotional items is sticking with functional items--think water bottles versus candy. Your logo on a water bottle will be a great visual reminder when your target consumer is working out, rather than your logo on a candy wrapper than ends up at the bottom of a trash can. Talk with a promotional products company like Keeton's Office Supply to see what items will fit best in your company culture. 


Marketing through email has been known to be cost-effective with a high impact. With the click of a button, you are now in frequent contact with existing and potential customers. Focus on one theme in your e-newsletter. Give your customers something to look forward to on a weekly basis while showcasing your expertise and marketing your service. Done right, e-newsletters are a great way to easily drive traffic to your website and generate a buzz.

Word of Mouth

Let's face it, a customer is more likely to purchase a product recommended by a friend over some cheesy 30-second commercial. Word of mouth will always remain one of the most effective and economical ways to market your brand. You want to build relationships with your customers so don't sell, but rather educate. If your customers trust your product, those in your network are far more likely to recommend your service. And soon, 200 people turns into 400, then 400 doubles, and so on.

It's time to get creative. Successful marketing is possible even on a tight budget when you use these ideas.


30 January 2015

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