Create A Professional Craft Show Booth Banner


It can be tempting to make your own banner for your craft show booth– you are in the business of selling creative handmade items, after all. Don't fall into the trap of throwing together a hastily designed banner at the last minute, though. Your banner can draw in customers from across a busy show field. It also helps customers recognize you, so that repeat customers can quickly find your booth in the crowd. Consider these tips to create a professional, creative and durable show banner.

Choose: Handmade or Professionally Printed

Although handmade booth banners can be cute and quirky, they usually can't stand up to the rigors of repeat shows, some of them in harsher outdoor conditions. Rain, wind, and regular wear-and tear will destroy a handmade banner more quickly than it will a professionally printed one.

Printed banners also give your booth a polished, professional look. You can still customize the banner so it matches the feel of your product. You can better spend your time creating new sales stock instead of focusing on the signage.

Pick a Shape

Let your standard booth shape determine the basic size and shape of the banner. A 3- or 4-foot long rectangle banner works well for displaying across the front of a table or along the top of a canopy. It's also easy to suspend from the corners by attaching it to the table or canopy supports.

Square banners are another option to consider. Create these to resemble a sturdy signboard, which you then display by hanging it overhead.

Select Your Material

You need a sturdy material that cleans up easily and can withstand repeated use and storage. These three options work well:

  • Vinyl. Vinyl banners are fairly inexpensive and they can last forever with minimal care. They come in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for full-color printing and image transfer designs.

  • Canvas. Canvas adds a nice touch to a craft show booth, because the look of the fabric fits in well with handmade products. Much like vinyl, you have control over the shape and image design. A full color image printed on canvas resembles a painting.

  • Sintra. Sintra is a lightweight material used to print rigid signs. If you prefer the look of a signboard, but don't want to haul around a wooden board or need something lighter to hang, sintra signs are your best alternative.

Design your sign so it's easy to read and so it accurately reflects your business. Keeping it simple, with your craft business name in the forefront and just a few decorative elements in the background, makes the banner pleasing to the eye and legible.

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10 February 2015

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