How To Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

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When you take your business to a trade show, you obviously want to be thoroughly prepared for driving traffic in order for your business to gain attention from new potential customers. It is important to know the best way to get traffic flow to increase at your trade show booth to ensure that you have a positive experience, especially if you have put a great deal of money into getting your business into the trade show in the first place. Here's how you can easily increase traffic flow to your booth:

  • Plan Ahead: Many of those who attend trade shows already have a list of the booths that they want to visit and skip all others that are not on that list. So, in order to get onto these lists, you want to call or e-mail these attendees letting them know why they may be interested in visiting your booth. Give them information on what your business provides and what the customer has to gain from your business in general. You should also contact your local contacts and customers to let them know you will be at this trade show and encourage them to stop by. When you have current customers visiting your booth, it makes your booth look more appealing since there is already traffic driving to it. 
  • Provide an Incentive: The best way to gain attendee's attention is to provide an incentive for visiting your booth. You can provide such things like samples, price discounts, and more. Just be sure that you understand who the attendees are. Are they businessmen? Students? For more professional attendees, you may want to provide an incentive such as a sample of your product, which gets you talking about numbers, details of your product, and more. For attendees like students, you may want to provide more energetic incentives, such as a raffle drawing and more.
  • Look Presentable: In a chaotic environment like a trade show, you want your booth to appear calm and inviting. This gives attendees a desire to stop at your booth, which makes them feel as if they are getting a break from the chaotic environment around them. Don't make your booth cluttered with a whole lot of tables and displays. Also, be sure that you use calming colors that also help to take you away from the chaotic environment. 

By knowing how to increase traffic to your trade show booth, you can easily gain new customers and ensure that your product gets the most recognition out of the other booths that are there.


27 February 2015

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