Don't Let Your Printer Ink Jam Up Your Business! How To Find The Problem And Fix It Yourself

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When you start seeing ghostly letters and streaks of color on your printed documents, you know it is time to change the ink in your printer. However, other problems with your printer can cause the same printing issues. If you do not have a printer that lets you know when ink is low, it is absolute guesswork. There are a few common problems with printer ink that you can fix yourself and save on printer repair costs.

Replacing the Ink Cartridges

Printers that have built-in, self-diagnostic tools will alert you to which ink cartridges are low. Low-tech printers will require you to have some idea of how many pages you have printed, or you will have to rely on the printed visual. When replacing the ink cartridges has no effect on the print quality or the ability to print, try one of the additional solutions below.

Dry or Sticky Residue on the Inkjet Ports

If your printer is an inkjet printer, it relies on liquid ink injected into the printer from the cartridge port. These ports can get a little clogged up, especially if you do not use the printer for a week or two. To see if this is your ink problem, use cotton swabs with just a little rubbing alcohol to clean the ports on both the printer and the port receptacles of the ink cartridges. Reinsert the cartridges and run a test sheet to see if your printer is working better.

The Printer Heads Need Cleaning or Replacing

When you ask your printer to align and "clean" the printer heads, it rolls the heads and moves them back and forth. This is supposed to shake loose the dried-on ink that got stuck when the heating process was attempting to adhere the ink to the printed page. After cleaning the heads, run a test page. If you still do not have a cleanly printed page, the printer heads may need to be replaced. In some printers this is easy enough to do, because you can lift open the printer (exposing the printer heads), pop out the old ones and install the new ones. (Still, there are several models that require a professional printer technician.)

Choosing Printer Repair Over a New Printer

Most printers are relatively inexpensive, unless you opt for an all-in-one office center with touch screen commands and e-center features. If you find that you have to repair your current printer, weigh the price of repairs against what it would cost just to replace it. If you tried everything possible to fix your printer ink issues yourself, then the technician can only take it apart to find something else internally wrong. That might cost you almost as much as the price you originally paid for the machine. 

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30 March 2015

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