3 Tips for Protecting Your Server Room With a Fire Extinguisher

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Setting up a server room for your company can free you from costly remote hosting services and give you more control over how your system runs. Unfortunately, all that equipment and the electrical lines powering it come with quite a fire risk. Prevent small fires from getting bigger by installing the right fire extinguisher and adjusting your other suppression systems around it.

Pick a Computer-Safe Product

Start by finding an extinguisher filled with either an aerosol mixture or the liquid known as Halotron. Both of these products suppress active fire without doing any permanent damage to the delicate electronics, which allows you to rescue at least some of the racks and switches if you manage to put out the blaze before it spreads. There's no liquid or powdery residue left behind to clean up either.

Avoid extinguishers filled with Halon gas, if you can even find them now, since many states have banned it. This product works very well for containing electrical fires, but it is very toxic, depletes the ozone layer, and leaves a dangerous residue behind despite being safe for electronics. Steer clear of extinguishers not designed for electrical fires too; look for a Class C rating without other letters added on.

Set Sprinklers to Pre-Action

Many companies convert old offices or storage rooms into server space without considering the fire protection already present. If your server room still has water sprinklers that were installed before the room was converted, add a pre-action valve system to the lines so you can manage smaller fires with the extinguisher.

This system prevents water from accidentally dripping on the sensitive equipment and keeps the room dry even as a fire starts up, but floods water in during a catastrophic blaze quicker than basic dry pipe equipment. It gives you the best chance at still saving the structure after the equipment is too damaged to salvage.

Mount the Extinguishers Outside the Door

You need the extinguisher close at hand to quickly put out a fire before it can spread. However, many servers rooms lack free space due to the number of racks stuffed into them. Mounting your extinguishers on the outside wall of the room, right next to the door, prevents it from heating up and becoming impossible to handle due to exposure to the fire before you arrive on the scene.

Don't forget to upgrade your fire detection equipment in the server room as well. Relying on a whole building alarm could leave you with a completely roasted set of servers instead of a salvageable scene. Glean more tips and expert advice by consulting resources like Tri County Fire Protection.


8 April 2015

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