3 Tips To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

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Does your company need to fill a large number of positions in a hurry? Are you worried that your hiring process is too long and will keep you from filling the positions in a timely manner? Having jobs unfilled can be a big problem for many businesses. It could cause a bottleneck in your processes and it may cause you to miss customer deadlines. If you're taking your time with multiple interviews and to check references, that may only compound the problem. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to speed up your hiring process. Here are three tips to help you get those jobs filled faster:

Be more selective up front. This may sound illogical. Most companies think that if they need to fill a job fast, they should interview as many people as possible. However, when you cast a wide net, that means you have to spend a lot of time on first and second interviews for people who are unlikely to get the job. Instead, create a highly specific and targeted job description and then look for people that align with that description. When you find those people, you can move them through the process quickly and bring them on board.

Check references during the interview process. For many companies, references aren't checked until a job offer is about to be made. The problem is that it may take two or three days to collect the references and then another few days to contact each reference. That process adds a week onto the hiring timeline. Instead, ask candidates to bring references to the first interview. As they progress with the process, you can start checking references. Then, if you do want to offer them the job, the references are already checked and verified.

Use a staffing agency. Much of the work and effort in your hiring process may be spent on administrative tasks like reviewing resumes, checking backgrounds, and doing initial over-the-phone interviews. If you only have one or two people committed to the hiring effort, that work could take a lot of time.

Instead, consider working with staffing agencies in your area. They'll be able to commit more resources to those efforts and quickly identify the best prospects to push ahead to second and third interviews. They may even have a pool of potential applicants that already match your criteria. A staffing agency can also help you create a job description and identify the qualities and experience that are most relevant to the position.

For more information, contact a staffing agency in your area. They can help you fill your open positions quickly. 


12 June 2015

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