Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide Whether To Raise Your Storefront Sign's Lettering


Whether your business is large or small, there are many different storefront sign options out there for customizing and improving the look of your building. While raised lettering is a very good option for some storefronts, it may look excessive on others. To help you with determining whether it's a good idea to raise your storefront sign's lettering, ask yourself these three questions.

Is the sign going to come with built-in lighting?

Raised lettering really looks its best when you can control how light interacts with your sign. If you don't want to spend extra money on built-in sign lighting, you should be wary of how your sign will look in the evening. Since there won't be a lot of light shining on the sign and illuminating its every feature, the raised letters will look smudged instead of distinctive.

If you do decide to go with built-in lighting, opt for lights that shine on the lettering from the side instead of straight on. This way, the appearance of the raised letters will actually be enhanced in the evening because of all the shadows they cast.

Will tall shrubs and other landscaping fixtures partially obscure a visitor's view of the sign?

If most of your customers will get a very obscured view of your storefront sign because of all the tall shrubs and landscaping fixtures around it, it doesn't make sense to make the sign too detailed. Too much detail on an artificial sign will just make the sign visually clash with a natural looking landscape and make your storefront less attractive.

How close will the sign be to my building's main door?

On the other hand, if customers will always get a clear view of your storefront sign because it's either right next to or directly above the main door, it makes sense to make the sign more detailed. Close proximity means that customers will have no trouble taking in all the details of even a relatively large sign with lots of extra features like raised lettering.

But proximity also means that visual and aesthetic flaws will be easier to spot. If you do decide to raise the lettering on a storefront sign that visitors will constantly be walking under, it's important not to raise the letters so much that the bottom row of words completely obscures the top row when a customer gets too close.

Since changing your storefront signs later will make it harder to maintain a consistent brand in the eyes of your customers, it's important to take the question of what features to put on a prospective sign very seriously.


11 August 2015

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