Feel Like You're Too Busy To Move? Here's A Basic Timeline To Follow

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It isn't uncommon to think that you don't have the time to move. Unfortunately, you have to move, which means you have to make the time. Sure, it may be hard to schedule packing and moving around everything else. After all, you have a house to keep clean, a full-time job, animals to take care of and a family to keep fed. However, if you put together a timeline, you may find packing and moving a bit easier and more manageable.

What To Do One Month Before the Move

Now is a good time to get your hands on boxes. You can purchase them at a local moving company or even a hardware store. Alternatively, you can search local bargaining and yard sale sites to see if anyone has moved recently and has boxes they are giving away for free. You could also check with local liquor stores, as these boxes tend to be very sturdy and can house some of your more fragile items.

What To Do Three Weeks Before the Move

Begin to pack away items that are no longer in season. If it is summer, this includes gloves, snow pants, coats, snow boots, etc. If it is winter, this means shorts, tank tops, flip flops, etc. You can have your kids help by turning this into a fun game. Grab a couple of your boxes and place them in the living room – one for each child. Instruct them to run back and forth to their rooms to grab out-of-season items and place in the box. The first one to fill their box up wins!

If you want to be more organized, you can have more than one box per child so that one box can be for toys, one for clothes, one for sporting equipment, etc. Don't forget to label your boxes so you know exactly what is in there.

What To Do Two Weeks Before the Move

You should now place some boxes in your children's bedrooms, as well as your own. They can start packing up some of their toys and personal belongings. You can also start packing up living room décor, pictures, etc. that are simply used for decoration purposes.

This is also a great time to get rid of the items that aren't needed or that have been outgrown, including toys and clothes. And, yes, this includes your own things, not just your children's things! A good rule of thumb is to throw out anything you haven't used or worn within the last year. Research local donation sites and shelters to donate these items.

What To Do the Week of the Move

Start packing up the kitchen and the bathroom. While there are some items that you need to keep for daily use, there are plenty of things that can be packed away. The closer to moving day you get, start cleaning up behind yourself and packing last-minute items. Don't forget to pack an essentials box so that you have an easily accessible box of things that you'll need immediately upon arrival at the new house, such as phone chargers, bathing items, etc.

Now that all of that is done, all you need is a box truck to get everything to the new house. Contact a company like Del's Truck Rentals to make sure you get the right size truck for everything you need.


15 September 2015

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