Five Ways To Make Your Model Apartment More Appealing

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When it comes to finding new tenants for your apartment complex, having a beautifully decorated model apartment is critical. While you may take potential tenants on a tour of an unfurnished apartment, seeing one of your units already decorated can help them envision living in your building. Here are some ways to make your model apartment stunning and stylish.

Use Solid Fabrics

When choosing model home furniture, opt for pieces in solid-colored fabrics. This makes the room appear less busy and helps to create a clean, clutter-free look. Keep the space modern by adding throw pillows in coordinating prints. The pillows are also less expensive to replace, so you can update the look of each room as needed without having to invest in all-new furnishings.

Buy Scaled-Down Furniture

Scaled-down furniture creates a spacious look for each room and makes it easy for visitors to walk through the apartment without tripping over chairs and tables. Opt for pieces with clean lines and smaller designs, such as a modern sectional sofa set and a coordinating table grouping. Avoid bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space, as it will make a room appear small and cramped.

Add Area Rugs

Area rugs create instant focal points for your decor while protecting your flooring. Since your model apartment will likely see a lot of foot traffic over the years, using area rugs is a great way to extend the life of carpeting or hardwood flooring. Opt for rugs with plush pile that bring a luxurious feel to each room, and choose vibrant prints in the center of each room to anchor the decor.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can help to make a small space look larger. Place an oversized mirror above a sofa to create the illusion of more space in the room, or add mirrored doors to bedroom closets to make them feel spacious and modern. Replace small medicine cabinets in the bathrooms with larger mirrored cabinets to highlight how the storage space can be maximized while making the rooms appear larger.

Add Lots Of Lamps

Keeping each room as bright as possible makes the model apartment look warm and inviting. Place table lamps with white shades on console tables, nightstands and end tables to create crisp, bright light that casts a beautiful glow in every room. Don't rely on ceiling lights to add beauty to your space, as they often leave corners looking dark and small. In the kitchen, consider installing wall sconces and under-cabinet fixtures that bring a bit of extra light to the space.

Create a model apartment that tenants fall in love with when you add the right model home furniture. If you are unsure about how to create maximum impact for your model, consider hiring an interior designer with real estate design experience to help you create a stunning space.

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1 October 2015

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