Tips To Help You Secure The Door Of Your Self Storage Unit

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Storage units can be a great idea if you want to keep your most prized possessions in good condition over a long period of time. However, if you are unable to check up on the unit because you are moving away or traveling, then you may be worried about the safety of the space itself. Most storage businesses allow you to secure your own locks on storage unit doors. This means that you are directly responsible for keeping the door of your unit safe. To help with this prospect, consider the following tips.

Inspect For Rust

Most storage units are closed off with roller doors that are made with galvanized steel. This steel is usually covered with a coat of paint made from polyester, resin, or powder coating. The steel along with the paint helps to reduce corrosion and rust concerns. However, storage unit doors that are subjected to rain, dings, and general use can become scratched and lose their protection. This can leave small surfaces of the door exposed to oxidation. Oxidation can build into a substantial hole, especially if you are unable to keep an eye on it. Also, the placement and removal of locks on the protrusion from the door can easily cause this part to become worn.

Check the exterior and interior if the storage unit door and also the lock attachment piece for signs of rust and paint scratches. If you see damage, then ask the owner of the storage facility to repair the door. You can also use a piece of sandpaper to remove rust and to add texture to exposed areas of steel. Afterwards, locate a spray can of polyurethane rust protection paint or find an oil-based protectant that is specifically meant to coat metals like steel. Add the paint with the can, and wait several days for it to cure before using the door.

Add the Best Lock

Once you have repaired the door or the business owner has completed the task for you, the door is ready for a lock. The best locks are ones that are all-weather varieties. Look for one made from strong steel with a rubber coating to keep rust at bay. Also, the lock itself should be a padlock variety that has high sides and a very small shackle. This will help to keep unauthorized individuals from cutting this part of the lock to remove it completely. Sometimes, these locks are called disc locks or they are marketed as high security locks. 

Purchase either a combination or key lock depending on which you prefer. If you are the type of person who likes to use a combination code, but frequently forgets the code, then think about a lock that can be reset easily with the placement of a small key in the side opening. 

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6 November 2015

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