Laundromat Innovations That Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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The laundromat industry is highly competitive and if you want to carve out your own niche, you will need to have a reputation for having a more convenient and pleasant laundromat. This will require selecting washing machines and dryers that have some of the newest features.

Implement a Card System

While you should always make paying-by-coin an option, consider implementing a card system in which customers simply swipe their cards and have credits deducted from an account. Then, customers can simply purchase credits ahead of time. Not only is this more convenient, but it can also allow you to keep customers as a captive audience since they will then have the incentive to make more purchases since they will still have credits on their accounts. Customers can create accounts at the front desk or can add credits to their accounts online. Implementing Wi-Fi will also allow customers to more easily add funds to their account to pay for laundry services.

Reduce Vibrations

Laundromats can be loud and can annoy customers if they vibrate too much. Fortunately, there are newer washing machines that have stronger frames. As a result, they do not vibrate as much. Progressive balancing systems make sure that clothing does not accumulate in one section of the washer. Otherwise, the washing machine will vibrate more loudly. Also, it will take longer for your clothes to be thoroughly washed and dried.

Use More Efficient Washers

Washing machines that reduce washing and drying times will reduce the number of washing machines you will need and will also reduce how loud the laundromat can become. Dryers that dry clothes more quickly thanks to a more powerful motor that extracts water more efficiently can reduce the amount of energy used. Heater boxes that are more efficient can increase energy-efficiency. High spin speeds reduce the length of time to wash clothes, especially when coupled with an automatic balance system.

Detect Leaks

Wasted water can cut into your bottom line. Therefore, you will want to use washing machines that have leak detection technologies that will allow you to repair your washing machine. By not wasting water, your washing machines will also be better for the environment.

New innovations are frequently being developed, so you should not simply rely on a single manufacturer. You may even wish to replace your washers and dryers more frequently so that you can have machines that are sophisticated enough to attract more customers. For more information, contact a company like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. 


27 November 2015

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