3 Reasons To Hire Commercial Movers For Your Company's Relocation

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Is your company about to expand into a bigger office space? Congratulations. You're likely looking forward to getting your employees into the new building as soon as possible so you can all get back to work quickly. If you're the business owner, you might have already started moving over some key items yourself. But when it's time for the rest of your employees to follow suit, it might be a good idea to have a team of commercial movers who can assist you instead of expecting your employees to handle everything themselves. Here are 3 things good commercial movers can do for you and your business.

Prevent Interruption During Business Hours

Most commercial moving companies offer hours in the evening and during the weekends because they know that companies will not want to disrupt employees during their usual work day. But if you are still considering asking your employees to make the move by themselves, you will have to plan for some down time during the work day. In addition to losing revenue, this could also upset some of your regular clients if someone needs quick assistance. The other option would be to let your employees move during the evening hours, but then you may have to pay overtime and deal with tired employees and lowered productivity the next business day. Hiring commercial movers to come during the evening helps to alleviate these problems.

Protect Your Expensive Equipment

When you hire a moving company, you'll be able to purchase insurance that will protect your bottom line if some of your expensive equipment is damaged during the move. Companies that have a lot of electronics like computers or printers could be in a lot of trouble if items that are essential to daily operations are damaged during the move. Asking your employees to move these kinds of items will leave you with no protection should one of them accidentally drop something. However, a professional moving company will have the experience to ensure that your equipment is kept safe during the move.

Don't Put Your Employees At Risk

Moving can be back breaking work. If your employees are not used to physical labor, you could be putting them in harm's way by asking them to move heavy items like desks or computers. Employees may also be more likely to trip and fall or otherwise sustain an injury when going through a move. You may have gone this route to avoid an extra bill, but that's not going to be much help if you end up having to pay out a personal injury or workers compensation claim. The commercial moving company you hire will protect their own employees in case of injury and these professionals will have the experience needed to hopefully avoid dangerous situations in the first place.

If you are about to move into a new office, you should look into hiring a commercial mover to assist you. Commercial moving companies can help you get relocated without disrupting your normal work day, can provide insurance in case anything important is damaged during the move and will also keep your own employees out of harm's way.


15 December 2015

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