Adding Fun To The Way A Gift Is Packaged

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If you want to make a statement when sending gifts in the mail to your friends or family members, there are several methods in the way you package the items that will be sure to be noticed. Instead of opting for a plain box and wrapping paper to keep the gift intact, try the following step in packaging it. These fun packaging ideas will turn a gift into an eye-catching piece from the moment the package is delivered to the recipient.

Cover The Gift With Decorative Paper

Before you place your gift inside a box, use decorative paper to keep it from view. This will add to the element of surprise the recipient will get when they open up the box. That extra burst of time needed to unwrap the gift will give them a few more seconds of mystery to endure. Decorate plain white tissue paper by stamping personalized pictures or phrases for the recipient to enjoy. Stamping equipment can be purchased from a craft store and you have the option of using several colors of ink, if desired. Make sure the ink is dry before wrapping the paper around the gift. Seal the gift inside the paper using tape.

Decorate The Box Sent In The Mail

To make the prospect of receiving a gift even more exciting, decorate the cardboard box you use to house it. This may become a bit tattered while in transit, but the end effect will still be stunning to the person who receives the present. After the gift is wrapped and placed in the box, use packing peanuts to secure it so it does not shift around while in the mail. Tape the package shut and add the address of the recipient. Afterward, adorn the cardboard box with something bold so the recipient knows the contents are special. Use stickers, rhinestones, small bows, or glitter to decorate the box. Do this along every edge of the box so it stands out from the moment it is viewed.

Add Instructions Or A Packing Slip

Consider printing out a packing slip or special instructions to be placed on the exterior of the package before it is mailed. Print this information on a decorative parchment paper and fold it neatly. Place this paper item in a clear plastic sheet protector and tape it directly to the package. Make sure the open end is sealed in the process. The paper can be as simple as a greeting letter to the recipient or as involved as clues to the contents in the box. Add the words "Open Me First" directly to the plastic so the recipient knows to remove it before tearing into the box to see what type of gift they are receiving. Click here for more information about paper & packaging.


24 April 2016

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