Five Ways To Recycle All Of Your Office's Shredded Paper

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If you work in an office that routinely shreds papers or documents using the services of a company like VRC, consider some ways to reuse and recycle this paper before it ends up in a landfill.

Five clever ways to recycle your shredded paper are:

1. Pet beds are an easy project that will help recycle piles of shredded paper. An easy way to create a pet-bed for a medium-sized dog or cat is with a plain cotton pillowcase and your recycled paper; fill the pillow case with paper and sew the end closed. Simply discard this bed when it becomes wet or soiled, and make another one! You may also check with local shelters or kennels about donating shredded paper when you have more than you need.

2. Garden mulch can be expensive year after year, so why not reuse shredded paper? It is broken-down by the environment in the same way as compost, so it is an eco-friendly recycling option. Simply spread the paper shreds around the base of plants, trees, or on top of gardens to provide the same drainage and protection that conventional bark-mulch provides.

3. Keep kitty litter fresh longer by lining the cat-box with shredded paper first, and then add the litter on top. This trick will help you spend a lot less on cat litter while also keeping the box fresh and filled for your feline family members.

4. Celebrate something special by tossing colorful shreds of paper instead of rice or purchased confetti. This works well at a wedding or other festive event; use colored paper shreds, if possible, for these celebratory occasions. Plus, shredded paper doesn't harm the environment!

5. Handmade paper and stationary is easy to make and only requires shredded paper and water. Make your own greeting cards, writing paper, or unique bookmarks by making your own thick, textured paper using the following tips:

  • First, soak your shredded paper in a bucket of water until soggy.
  • Put scoops of soaked paper and water in a blender, working in small batches, until you have a mixture that can be poured on a piece of window-screen.
  • Spread the slurry mixture on the screen in the shape and sizes that you want your sheet of paper. Use a ruler or straight-edge to smooth out and spread the mixture over the screen in a fairly thin layer.
  • Leave the screen for a day or two until the mixture completely dries and forms your paper. It will pull easily from the screen when it is ready to be removed and used!

Don't fill the company dumpster or landfill with shredded paper. With so many recycling options, there are many ways to use these shreds in a useful, functional way. Try these tips to get rid of office waste and to give your shredded paper a second life and utility!


12 May 2016

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