Concerned About Your Impending Move's Environmental Impact? What Are Your Greenest Options?

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If you're planning a household move in the near future, you're likely being bombarded with internet advertisements and other targeted sales pitches for packing and shipping materials and services -- from moving boxes to box trucks. While these advertisements can sometimes be helpful when it comes to determining what you'll need, those who are environmentally-minded may only see non-biodegradeable waste. What are your Earth-friendliest options when it comes to moving a household of belongings? Read on to learn more about some green technologies that have come to the moving market. 

Biodegradable plastic wrap and packing peanuts

Traditional styrofoam packing peanuts are great at cushioning and protecting fragile items. However, this styrofoam does not decompose naturally, and your packing peanuts are likely to far outlast any of the items they're being used to move. On the other hand, biodegradeable packing peanuts made from soy or corn oil rather than crude oil function identically to styrofoam peanuts but can be easily dissolved in water. 

By that same token, plastic wrap that has been created with soy (rather than crude) byproducts should break down easily upon disposal and can even be added to your compost pile rather than your normal kitchen trash. Some of these soy and corn plastics can be coupled with a vegetable-based adhesive and used to make biodegradeable packing tape.

Making the switch from styrofoam and plastic to vegetable-based oil products should help give you the same level of performance you'd expect from the original versions without compromising your ecology-minded principles. 

Rentable plastic boxes 

Although cardboard boxes are much more biodegradeable than styrofoam packing peanuts and are often made from recycled material, these boxes do require the destruction of a certain amount of trees to create new cardboard. Using hand-me-down or pre-used cardboard boxes can cut down on some of this waste, but you may find that these reused boxes aren't quite strong enough for you to entrust them with your more fragile possessions.

Fortunately, some moving supply companies have stepped in to fill this gap, offering reusable plastic shipping boxes for rent. This can provide you with an eco-friendly and convenient way to get your belongings from one home to another without requiring you to handle the disposal of dozens (or even hundreds) of cardboard boxes after you've finished unpacking. Going this route can also allow you to select from a wide range of sizes, making your move more efficient.


23 June 2016

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