Three Pieces Of Complimentary Rain Gear You Can Offer Your Customers When It's Pouring Outside

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With the way that rain works, you can never be to sure that it will rain when you go out. Customers frequently go shopping and enter a store or place of business when the sun is shining and come out when it is pouring rain. As a very nice gesture, some places offer their customers and clients protection from the rain, usually in the form of complimentary umbrellas. Here are a few more pieces of complimentary rain gear you can offer your customers in the event that they leave your place of business and it is raining.

Rain Ponchos

Disposable and reusable rain ponchos are relatively inexpensive, so much so in fact that you could have a large stock of them on hand to give to your customers on rainy days. The complimentary, full-body cover to keep customers and clients dry and happy does not have to cost more than a couple dollars per poncho, unless you also want them imprinted with your business name. Remembering that you provided something for free to keep them dry has a lasting impact on your customers'/clients' memories and impressions of you.

Rain Bonnets/Hats

This type of rain gear provides coverage for just your customers' and clients' heads, but when you cannot provide them with an umbrella or a poncho, something to cover their heads is better than nothing. The bonnets are generally given to the ladies while the rain hats/visors are given to the gentlemen. Most of them are clear and secure around the head or under the chin. These hats and bonnets are also inexpensive enough that if you give them away for free, and if the clients or customers only use the hats and bonnets once and throw them away, it is not a real financial loss.


If you buy umbrellas by the gross, you can get a basic, two-toned or single color umbrella quite cheaply. If you want, you could reserve the umbrellas for paying customers, but generally you will find it agreeable to buy the umbrellas in bulk with your business logo on them and then hand them out on rainy days as promotional materials. Keep a few boxes of the umbrellas in the office supply closet, and then place a few of the umbrellas in a stand by the door so that your customers/clients have easy access to them whenever it rains. It will look thoughtful and inviting on your part and make your place of business look nice.


26 July 2016

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