Telephone Relay: Do You Really Need It And What Are The Alternatives?

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Business phone systems include two types--the relay system and the direct-line system. If you have never had a land-line telephone system for your business before, you might be wondering if you actually need a relay system. Here is a deeper explanation of how these two systems work and what your alternatives might be.

The Relay System

A relay phone system may be automated, or it may require a receptionist's skills. The calls come in on one direct line, and then the receptionist or the automated system relays them to the person or department that the customer or client wishes to speak to. If you want to cut corners and not hire a receptionist, you can set up an automated system, but you will have to predict the various reasons that would cause people to call your company so that the relay system would have a direction in which to send the callers. Unless your company has grown to encompass more than one location or more than a dozen different departments, a relay system may not be the best option for you.

The Direct-Line System

The direct-line system provides unique phone numbers for absolutely everyone and every telephone line in your building and/or company. The benefits to using a direct line system is that your customers or clients are able to speak to someone directly about their questions or concerns, or leave a callback message on an individual voicemail box. They know exactly who they are speaking to and who they need to speak with. You can also trace and track calls made with each line, but you will also have to pay for every individual line you buy and use. 

Alternatives to Either of These Two Common Systems

The only real alternative for a mid-sized to large business is a VOiP option like Skype. For this, you would have to buy a VOiP line with a toll-free number for customers and clients to use, but then it would still have to rely on a type of relay system to get a live person on the computer line to answer. Some people would prefer a face-to-face conversation and enjoy the technology used to make this connection. It is often cheaper than the direct-line system, but only slightly less expensive than the relay system because you have to route the VOiP calls to the next available representative or administrative professional.

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31 August 2016

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