Details To Keep In Mind When Installing An Accessibility Ramp

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There are many reasons that people may wish to install handicap accessibility ramps leading up to their homes. Perhaps you have a family member, immediate or otherwise, who uses a wheelchair and you want this person to be able to travel in and out of your home with ease. Or, maybe you run a home-based business and you're keen on ensuring that people in wheelchairs can freely visit you. Whatever the case, the addition of a ramp will go a long way toward improving the accessibility of your home. There are several details that you'll need to keep in mind when you install a ramp, including the following.

Ramp Slope

You don't automatically want to move forward with a ramp that runs straight from the ground to your door. Depending on the height of the door off the ground, this style of ramp could be too steep. A steep ramp can be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to travel up, as well as dangerous to travel down. In such a scenario, you should plan to have the ramp change directions a few times. Often, a "U"-shaped structure can offer a slope that is safe for people to navigate.

Ramp Traction

The material from which you make your accessibility ramp matters. While you might be keen on choosing materials that complement the exterior of your home, you need to think about other details. One such detail is the degree of traction that the ramp provides. This is especially true in wet conditions, as both wood and metal can be slick — and dangerous — when they're moist. There are many ways that you can improve the traction of your ramp. Traction tape is one good choice. This tape has the gritty consistency of sandpaper. Once you apply it to the surface the ramp, it will be much safer to navigate. Some metal ramp pieces are ridged, which can provide traction without the use of traction tape.

Ramp Railings

Railings are also an important topic to think about as you prepare to install an accessibility ramp outside of your home. The presence of railings makes the ramp immeasurably safer. Without this key element, someone could potentially roll off the edge of the ramp and sustain a serious injury — and potentially respond by taking legal action against you. Railings will safely contain anyone using the ramp in a wheelchair, as well as provide stability for anyone who might be walking up or down the ramp alongside someone in a wheelchair.


16 July 2020

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