Tips For Using Intermodal Shelter Systems For Hurricane-Related Emergency Shelter

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Intermodal shelter systems are used to provide shelter in a number of different situations. For example, it's commonly used for natural disasters, such as tropical storms and hurricanes. If you are preparing for a hurricane to affect your area, then you might be interested in using these shelter systems to provide shelter for people who might need it. These tips can help you with this goal.

Consider Looking Into Funding

Intermodal shelter systems are often one of the most affordable types of shelter that you can provide in an emergency. However, you might still be concerned about cost. Consider looking into local, state, and federal programs that might provide you with disaster relief funding that can help with covering the cost of these shelter systems.

Be Careful About Using Them During the Hurricane

Although intermodal shelter systems are ideal for use for providing shelter for those whose homes might have been damaged or destroyed during a hurricane, they are not typically recommended for housing during a major storm. Even though they typically make for secure and ample shelter during regular conditions, they might not be able to withstand the high winds and other harsh weather conditions that can occur during a hurricane. Only use intermodal shelter systems that are rated for this type of use and that have been properly anchored down or otherwise secured if you are planning on using them during a hurricane.

Be Careful When Erecting Them

One of the good things about intermodal shelter systems is the fact that they can typically be put up very quickly, even by those who might not have much experience in putting up these systems. However, it is important to be careful about when you put them up. Make sure that the danger has died down, such as by waiting until the storm has passed, before you start putting up the shelters. Additionally, watch out for potential dangers, such as downed power lines, when installing the shelters. This can help you avoid getting hurt while erecting them. It can also help you be sure that the people who will be using them for shelter will be safe as well.

Set Them Up in a Dry Spot

Lastly, think about flooding when setting up these shelters. In some cases, flooding can occur a couple of days after the hurricane hits, so even though an area might seem dry right now, it could flood later. Ideally, you should set up these shelters on high ground to help keep everyone safe.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for intermodal shelter system solutions.


16 September 2021

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