Getting Your Septic Tank Pumped Is Relatively Easy

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Your septic tank can process a lot of fluids, but that's not all that goes into the tank. It also gets a lot of solids, and as the solids go into the tank, they get broken down by the bacteria that live in the tank. That creates a sludge that will eventually build up in the tank and make it so that liquids can't pass from one chamber to the next. It will also cause the tank to get too full for anything else to be added to it. When that happens, you will need to have a septic tank repair company come to your house and pump out your septic tank. It is a relatively quick process, but it is a necessary one. 

Locate the Tank

The first part of the process is to locate your septic tank. If you know where it is, or at least a general notion, then the service tech will be able to find the access point for it easier. Otherwise, they will have to go looking for it. Depending on where you live, the access point may be underground, and the way that the tech will look for it is to see if they can find a wet and spongy area, or to use a metal pole to poke into the ground to find the lid. Once they have found your tank and the access point and opened it up, it's time to start pumping. 

Pump the Tank

The service tech will have a truck that has a tank and a vacuum hose. They will use the vacuum hose and stick it down into the tank. When the tech turns the vacuum on, it will suck everything out of your tank and into the truck's tank. Depending on the size of your tank, how much sludge is in it, and if there are other problems, it generally doesn't take very long to pump out your septic tank. If your tank has a lot of stuff in it, the tech may have to do more work to get the tank empty. When the tank is empty, the tech will close it back up, bury the lid, if it's underground, and then take all the sludge away to be safely disposed of. 

If you have a septic tank, you are going to need to have it pumped at some point in time, that's just the nature of the beast. Make sure that you get it done regularly, and you will have fewer problems with your tank. 


25 October 2021

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