Signs You Need To Quickly Inspect Your Water Well's Pump

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A water well requires a series of components to function correctly. One of the most fundamental is the pump, which allows water to move up from the well and into your property. If it's giving you any of these warning signs, proceed to an official inspection quickly.

Water Not Pumping Consistently

When you first put in a water well pump, one thing you'll notice right off the bat is consistent water pumping. You'll get water in your home whenever you want. So when you aren't able to do this later on, that probably means something is going on with the pump.

You need to get to it and set up an appointment for an inspection to see what's causing the issue. There could be some blockage or maybe the pump has completely failed. A thorough and timely inspection can hopefully prevent the latter from happening though.

Impure Water Coming Into the Household

If you get dirty or impure water coming into your household by way of the well pump, then that's a clear sign of something malfunctioning. The pump shouldn't cause this to happen because of its filter. The best thing you can do in this situation is inspect it yourself or have a professional provide assistance.

You or a contractor can check the filter to see if it's dirty and thus needs to be replaced, as well as check other integral components that could be causing this water purity issue. You just want to have this problem fixed before the dirty water starts damaging integral parts. 

Pump Not Remaining Silent

Most water well pumps today are designed to remain silent since they have to work every single day. So if you hear sounds coming from this pump that you normally don't hear, you need to inspect the component because something may be wrong.

For example, the pump could be working harder than it really should, thus making loud noises because of pressure issues. Or maybe parts on the pump aren't secured down properly, thus creating a lot of jiggling sounds. Find out for sure so that this pump doesn't get severely damaged.

You want to keep a close watch on your water well's pump because without it, you won't get water in your home. Listen and watch for warning signs that show problems are present, because then you can quickly inspect relevant components and find answers that safeguard your entire well system.


31 January 2022

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