Five Ways To Recycle All Of Your Office's Shredded Paper

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If you work in an office that routinely shreds papers or documents using the services of a company like VRC, consider some ways to reuse and recycle this paper before it ends up in a landfill. Five clever ways to recycle your shredded paper are: 1. Pet beds are an easy project that will help recycle piles of shredded paper. An easy way to create a pet-bed for a medium-sized dog or cat is with a plain cotton pillowcase and your recycled paper; fill the pillow case with paper and sew the end closed.

12 May 2016

Adding Fun To The Way A Gift Is Packaged

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If you want to make a statement when sending gifts in the mail to your friends or family members, there are several methods in the way you package the items that will be sure to be noticed. Instead of opting for a plain box and wrapping paper to keep the gift intact, try the following step in packaging it. These fun packaging ideas will turn a gift into an eye-catching piece from the moment the package is delivered to the recipient.

24 April 2016

Tips For Encouraging Women To Take On Leadership Roles

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Do you have a passion for encouraging women to take on more leadership roles? If you want to take your passion to the next level but have no clue how to do it, the first step should be starting an organization. Find out in the article below how you can encourage women as leaders to thrive after starting your organization. Encourage Men & Women to Join Your Organization Although your organization will be focused on empowering women to become leaders, it is wise for you to allow men to join the organization as well.

18 March 2016

4 Reasons To Hire A Public Speaker

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If you run an organization or handle its events, you may be wondering if hiring a corporate speaker is a good idea or not. After all, every dollar counts toward your bottom line. You might also be wondering if paying for a professional speaker is a smart move for your company. In fact, hiring a speaker is a great investment. Here are some reasons why: Social Proof When you say something about yourself or your organization, it often does not mean as much to the listener's ears as if the comment had come from someone else.

9 March 2016

Hire Smart: Why You Should Use An Employee Screening Company


Your company is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, you want to ensure that every person you hire is qualified to carry out their duty. If they are not, then you could be in for weeks, months, or years of painfully poor work results that can affect the rest of the company. Luckily, there are employment screening services to help you avoid these problems. Here are just some of the many reasons to use an employment screening company:

25 February 2016

Does Your Home Need Both A Water Filtration And Softening System?

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It's a common misconception to think that a water filtration and water softening system are the same thing. These whole home systems actually serve different purposes that you may not be aware of. A home may require the need for both types of systems, while another may only require one system. By understanding the differences between filtration and softening systems, you can decide if they are necessary for your house.

20 January 2016

Three Steps For Quality Custom Labels

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If you are a work from home entrepreneur who is responsible for shipping items out to your consumers, you will need to follow some tips that will be useful to you. Whether you hire a professional company to create custom labels or if you have invested in a label maker, you'll need to follow some guidelines that will help you exponentially. When this is what you are thinking about improving, follow these three steps below.

31 December 2015