How A Company Can Benefit From A Candidate Management System

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The hiring process is something your company wants to refine as it will save you time and lead to better candidates ultimately. A candidate management system can help streamline this entire process, providing these benefits along the way. Post to Multiple Job Boards Quickly A lot of the candidate selection process takes place online, specifically in regards to job boards. If you want a convenient process posting to multiple platforms, then your company should implement a candidate management system into the hiring process.

21 December 2020

Details To Keep In Mind When Installing An Accessibility Ramp

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There are many reasons that people may wish to install handicap accessibility ramps leading up to their homes. Perhaps you have a family member, immediate or otherwise, who uses a wheelchair and you want this person to be able to travel in and out of your home with ease. Or, maybe you run a home-based business and you're keen on ensuring that people in wheelchairs can freely visit you. Whatever the case, the addition of a ramp will go a long way toward improving the accessibility of your home.

16 July 2020