3 Common Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Copier

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You probably know that your office copier is an expensive piece of equipment, so you probably do what you can to keep it in good shape. However, there is a good chance that you are doing things to damage your copier without even realizing it. Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes so that you can help prevent the need for copier repair or replacement. 1. Placing Your Coffee Cup or Drink On Top of the Machine

14 July 2015

Applying Epoxy To Your Garage Floor

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If you have a cement floor in your garage, consider adding epoxy to help protect the surface from cracking. Epoxy is a great way to spruce up a boring floor, as it leaves a high-gloss shine. Here are some instructions for you to follow if you would like the benefit of a nice-looking floor that will last for years to come. Preparing The Surface Before adding epoxy to a floor, it will need to be free of all debris.

26 June 2015

3 Tips To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

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Does your company need to fill a large number of positions in a hurry? Are you worried that your hiring process is too long and will keep you from filling the positions in a timely manner? Having jobs unfilled can be a big problem for many businesses. It could cause a bottleneck in your processes and it may cause you to miss customer deadlines. If you're taking your time with multiple interviews and to check references, that may only compound the problem.

12 June 2015

How To Communicate Internationally

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As small businesses grow they find it increasingly important, even necessary, to do business across cultural and linguistic borders.  Our world is becoming more and more cohesive, so it is important to know how to relate to people in other countries and cultures in your business dealings.  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Differences in Culture and Custom It might be obvious to you that you should learn about a country's customs before traveling there to do business.

25 May 2015

3 Ways To Know That Your Front Door Is Keeping Your Home Safe

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Your front door is the place to start when evaluating the effectiveness of your home security. You wouldn't go out of town leaving the front door to your house open. You also want to make sure that the closed and locked front door doesn't give easy access to a burglar breaking in. Here is how to make sure that your front door keeps your home safe whether you're home or not.

20 April 2015

3 Tips for Protecting Your Server Room With a Fire Extinguisher

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Setting up a server room for your company can free you from costly remote hosting services and give you more control over how your system runs. Unfortunately, all that equipment and the electrical lines powering it come with quite a fire risk. Prevent small fires from getting bigger by installing the right fire extinguisher and adjusting your other suppression systems around it. Pick a Computer-Safe Product Start by finding an extinguisher filled with either an aerosol mixture or the liquid known as Halotron.

8 April 2015

CDL Job Search: How To Have A Successful Phone Interview

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If you have a commercial driver's license (CDL) and are currently applying for trucking jobs, there may come a time when the hiring manager calls you and performs a phone screening. This is a type of phone interview that screens applicants so they can decide who to call into their office for a regular interview. When hiring managers or staffing companies like Montu Staffing Solutions receive hundreds of job applications, it can be difficult deciding who should be called in.

10 March 2015

How To Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

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When you take your business to a trade show, you obviously want to be thoroughly prepared for driving traffic in order for your business to gain attention from new potential customers. It is important to know the best way to get traffic flow to increase at your trade show booth to ensure that you have a positive experience, especially if you have put a great deal of money into getting your business into the trade show in the first place.

27 February 2015

Dangers Of Using Alternative Taxi Apps

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Taxis have been around for decades and are an important part of traveling in the city; however, there are newer ways to get a ride when you need one. This is done through smartphone apps, and it allows people to ask for a ride from anyone that is signed up as a driver. While this may be a cheaper alternative to getting a ride in a taxi, it also has its downsides.

19 February 2015

4 Marketing Ideas That Willl Fit Your Small Business Budget

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It's time you were let in on a little secret. It is possible to successfully market your small business without spending a fortune. Paying exorbitant fees for an advertising campaign isn't the only way to get your brand noticed. It's not about who can afford big name agencies, but who can market the smartest. These four marketing ideas have proven to be effective for any small business. Social Media Two words: free marketing.

30 January 2015